Do You Really See Yourself?

What do you see?

What do you see?

You look in the mirror a gazillion times a day. But do you really see yourself? Let’s face it, my sistah. No amount of grooming, fancy clothes, or denial will truly hide the facts about your eating.

Mindless eating, Nervous eating. Emotional eating. Why do you do it?

Comfort. The immediate gratification of eating a favorite food can ease the stress, numb the pain, quiet the critics, bring excitement when bored, or any number of things to fill the gaps in your life.

But how do you feel after you eat that special something? The good feeling and flavor don’t last very long, do they?

Emotional eating is a habit that can sabotage any weight loss aspirations you might have–no matter how hard you try. You many lose the weight, but it will be next to impossible to keep it off. I know, I’m there. You are not alone.

Here’s something I’m having some success with that you might want to try:

Take just a few minutes, pull out a pen and paper and fold the paper into two columns. On one side, write down situations and/or people that trigger your urge to eat. Just bringing your attention to these triggering events can help you see your eating behavior more clearly–and break the chain of emotional eating.

Now on the other side, write down non-food alternative activities you can do instead of eating. Think out of the box! These activities don’t have to be expensive, or time consuming. Rather, you’re creating a list of things you can turn to rather than the fridge, take-out, or the snack aisle. Put this list in a prominent place where you’ll see it regularly. Make copies if you have to, and place them strategically in your home and work space.

What about you? What are some of your triggers? What alternative activities or responses can you do instead of eating? Please share! We all need to learn!

Want to learn more about emotional eating? We’ve got a great article in our newsletter WHOLE with more tips and insights on this very common challenge. Have a look!



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5 responses to “Do You Really See Yourself?

  1. Greetings,

    One thing that I try to do is keep plenty of water around me. That means in the icebox, the car, the office and around the house. By making water easily and readily available, I am able to maintain a good balance of water intake while indirectly avoiding unnessary emotional eating.

    I am also working towards cutting out soda pop.

    In Solidarity

    • Thanks for sharing this easy-to-do strategy. Reaching for water right at the time you’re craving something else helps you to refocus and be more mindful of what you’re consuming. A word of caution. There have been recent studies that reveal the carcinogenic properties of the plastic in the water bottles we all lug around. The dangers are amplified when those bottles are heated. So please don’t leave plastic bottles of water in your car–especially in the summer heat. Instead, consider using one of the insulated thermos bottles.

  2. Ms. Charles

    Thank you for that word of caution, as I do leave my water bottles in the car. Antioch University Seattle has a nice bottle for $20 that I have been meaning to purchase. This is just the little push that I need to take care of business.

    In Solidarity

  3. Yes I do see myself. Very well.

    I spend on this same subject on my blog “Its the Weigh you do the thin(g)s You Do”. One thing as I spoke to another sister was noticing on the Internet tons of visual images of black women obese, not active etc. And not having to be about scraping for pictures of active black women doing things. I know we have vegans, raw food consumers, physically in charge of their bodies (I am not talking about models heavily made up posing). Imagery is important;we are visual people. Words are powerful;I like seeing more proactive, powerful encompassing words andmore spots like yours for women to access with more of what we are doing right & healthy!

    • I agree in the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Seeing ourselves healthy and strong–in fact the full range of who we are is what WHOLE and WHOLE Express are all about. I believe in providing tools for sistahs to take their health and well-being in hand. You and I are kindred souls in this mission it seems, judging from the vision and energy you share will us at your blog.

      Glad to have your input about imagery. Hold my feet to the fire, my sistah! It’s all about supporting each other to gain and sustain optimal health. And when you come across anything that I need to learn about so I can grow my ability to contribute more mightily to our community, just let me know. All the best, and thanks for checking in! Come back soon and often!

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