Welcome to WHOLE Kitchen!

The best way to trim your diet and the amount you spend on food is to cook at home. Problem is, most of us think we don’t have the time or skill to prepare wholesome foods. That’s why WHOLE Kitchen is here giving you tips, demos, and recipes to make home cooking much faster and easier.

Our first demo is on cutting grapefruit sections just like they do in fancy restaurant–for a WHOLE lot cheaper! It’s a quick and easy way to prep for a waist-loving breakfast, a quick snack, or even a fresh summer salad. Have a look!

WHOLE Summer Salad

WHOLE Summer Salad

The July issue of our monthly self-care newsletter has a delicious and easy recipe for WHOLE Summer Salad. It’s fast to assemble, and full of mouth-watering flavor.

Do you have a favorite grapefruit recipe? Please share!


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