Social Networking 4.0: Deepening Our Sistah Connections

I had a sistahfriend send me a hug on Facebook today. It was a cute little fairy creature, and her gesture gave me a smile. It meant a lot to me that she was reaching across the miles, thinking about me and showing me some love. Ironically, that hug across the ether reminded me of my sistahfriends right here. I realized I’ve let myself get so busy that I’m missing out on hugs and support right here.

Contacting people online through all the social networking options we have these days is one of the most efficient ways to reach loads of people. It’s been great finding old friends on Facebook, making new friends through this blog and other outlets. Yet it is the old school hook-upThree Friends face-to-face that reaffirms how amazing we are in a way this technology cannot capture.

So my sistahs, let’s step away from Facebook and the other sites–for just a bit–and spend a little more “Face Time” with each other. Comforting, confiding in, networking with, and yes hugging–in person. Making such time for each other nourishes bonds of sistahhood and strengthens us all. Ashe!

Question: What can you do to make more “Face Time” with your sistahfriends nearby?


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One response to “Social Networking 4.0: Deepening Our Sistah Connections

  1. Bridgette

    I am inspired to move forward on a healthier tip. I to am a very hippy sista. Although I am very comfortable the way I look, reading the information reafirms that I need to continue my quest to embrace a healthy life style.

    Keep up the wonderful inspirational work on behalf of our sista’s

    Thank you

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