Eat More, Lose More Weight. Really!

For those of us who struggle with our weight, reducing the amount of food we eat is thought of as the key to losing weight. It’s true, to a point. But squeezing down consumption to extremely low portions is unsustainable, and will leave you feeling hungry all the time. That’s not good!

HOW you manage your consumption is the single most influential factor in weight loss. It’s all about what you eat.

Coffee Latte and a cinnamon roll

Coffee Latte and a cinnamon roll

Take breakfast for example. does your typical, breakfast look like this? It might be quick and easy, but what nutritional value does it give you? None! And check out the stats: a whole milk latte can be 180 calories or more, and the cinnamon roll? 400-600 calories! And those decadent cinnabons? 813 calories! So best case scenario is you’re chugging 510 calories, and worst case, 993! And ladies, the classic cinnabon has 32 grams of fat! Beware!

Now check out a healthier alternative. You can have a bowl of whole bran flake cereal

A healthier option!

A healthier option!

with skim milk, a banana, 1/2 english muffin with sugar-free jam, coffee, and orange juice for about 495 calories*! And this whole breakfast has only 2.7 grams of fat.

According to¬†What\’s Cooking America an extra 200 calories a day can add up to 21 extra pounds added to your body every year!

So you choose. Pay attention to how you start your day–and to all your meals. You’ll find that healthier choices will give you more food to fuel you with energy throughout the day.

We’re so hooked on this better eating approach that we’re going to scope out healthier lunch, dinner, and snacking options and break down the stats. So subscribe to an RSS feed to WHOLE Express so you won’t miss out on any good tips.

Question: Do you skip breakfast, or grab in on the fly? What can you do to make a healthier breakfast choice?

*Calorie count are merely estimates, and can vary according to brand and portion sizes.


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