What Have You Done For YOU Lately?

You’re a busy woman, playing so many roles in life. A mother, partner, worker, confidant, problem-solver, listener, breadwinner, master-planner, nurturer, chauffeur, tutor…the list could fill the page! Every waking moment you are revving in high gear taking care of others, and you spend many a sleepless night continuing to stress over all that remains to be done. Yes there are many rewards, but giving your all to others is exhausting!

You cannot keep pushing and neglecting yourself, without it taking a toll on you—mentally physically, and spiritually. This fast-track pace is not sustainable—at least not in a healthy fashion.

What about what YOU need? What have you done for YOU lately?

The demands of your busy life won’t go away. But how you approach them, and how you take care of yourself in the process can change. It’s about self-care. Investing the time and resources necessary to maintain balance and support your health in the process.

When we speak of self-care, it is more than going to the spa, the weekly manicure and pedicure, or the occasional “retail therapy” to lift your spirits. Self-care is a way of thinking and prioritizing that takes care of your most valuable resource—YOU! Self-care is a lifestyle; routine choices and behaviors that provide your mind, body, and spirit with the sustenance needed to function best.

Many women think of self-care as selfish. Nothing can be further from the truth! Viewed another way, taking care of yourself and being at your best is the optimal way of fulfilling your responsibilities to others.

So WeSpeakLoudly is starting this blog to open up a conversation with you about self-care, wellness, and your health. We’ve got lots of information to share including practical tools and tips to improve your health and well-being. We’re regular women just like you who struggle everyday to “walk the talk” and take better care of ourselves. The posts you’ll find here are “battle-tested,” doable, practical, real-world solutions to the complex issues we face everyday.

We are hoping you’ll make WeSpeakLoudly your self-care accountability buddy. Let’s meet here every week for encouragement, fresh ideas, the latest news on women’s health and well-being. We’re building a community of women who support each other—just like you! Comeback next week for Self-Care Tip #1—Sleep!

Question of the week: What have you done for YOU lately?



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2 responses to “What Have You Done For YOU Lately?

  1. Yes, women’s health is an important issue. How can we best take care of ourselves? We only know what we only know. There is so much more! Wake up people! Wake up doctors! How you treat us when we are in your sterile little room can make or break us. When you treat us like little girls who don’t know anything, talk to us like we don’t …matter, or even question us like we are from outer space when we tell you that “we” know our own body and something is wrong, you break us. You break our spirit, and we leave your office feeling terrified and confused. This has to change! How? It is up to us to Speak Loudly! We must learn to love ourselves enough and have enough confidence to demand more from our doctors, such as: listening to us, respect, and giving us all of the information we need. It doesn’t really matter what they think. We are what matters.

    I suspected I had cancer and my doctor treated me like a number, never looked at me, and acted like I was crazy and wasting his time when I asked for a scan. I told him he worked for me, not the other way around. I did get the scan, and more. He phoned me one evening, at his convenience, and told me I had cancer and to go find myself …a surgeon. he told me on the phone? Yes, and shame on him! We women can be fragile when we are sick, and at the time, it may seem like too much effort to do anything but “obey” our doctor, because after all, doctors are supposed to know everything. Right? So I am declaring that is important to think about these things now, and when our state of mind is clear, all the better. And if you are already in a similar situation such as I was, RUN! Run as fast as you can! There are also good, informed, caring doctors. Just Speak Loudly and ask for help. We all have people who love us, and will help led us down the right path.

    Blessings, Karen

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