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Mothering Ourselves

Mother’s Day is this weekend. It’s the day that generates the largest number of phone calls, the highest Sunday brunch attendance at restaurants, the greatest number of floral arrangements delivered, and a profusion of hugs and kisses from our children of all ages. As a mom, I’m deeply appreciative of the recognition on my “special day,” and everyday.

But mothering goes beyond biology. There are many among us who might never give physical birth to children, yet are the best mothers we can encounter.

Mothering also goes beyond the acts of care, guidance, and discipline we give children. We need mothering, too–not just from our biological moms, but from ourselves as well.

Inside each one of us is that little girl who needs patience, forgiveness, trust, support, encouragement, protection, and love. These are all actions we take to benefit many in our midst. But these same actions are at the core of the self-care we all need.

Mothering ourselves, our offspring, and our community from a natural, more enlightened space. That is what it means to be WHOLE.

Question of the week: Are you mothering yourself?


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Wildest Dreams!

Tina Turner "Wildest Dreams" CD Cover

Tina Turner blows me away! She’s in her 70s and in her prime! How has she made her widest dreams come true? Watch this interview about the making of the “Wildest Dreams Tour,” and get inspired. You can make your wildest dreams come true too!

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All Hail Queen Aretha!

What can we say? Queen Aretha tears it up with “Natural Woman.” Take a listen.

The August issue of our monthly e-newsletter WHOLE is dedicated to the Natural Woman in all of us. Come have a look!

Question: What makes you feel like a “Natural Woman?”

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Social Networking 4.0: Deepening Our Sistah Connections

I had a sistahfriend send me a hug on Facebook today. It was a cute little fairy creature, and her gesture gave me a smile. It meant a lot to me that she was reaching across the miles, thinking about me and showing me some love. Ironically, that hug across the ether reminded me of my sistahfriends right here. I realized I’ve let myself get so busy that I’m missing out on hugs and support right here.

Contacting people online through all the social networking options we have these days is one of the most efficient ways to reach loads of people. It’s been great finding old friends on Facebook, making new friends through this blog and other outlets. Yet it is the old school hook-upThree Friends face-to-face that reaffirms how amazing we are in a way this technology cannot capture.

So my sistahs, let’s step away from Facebook and the other sites–for just a bit–and spend a little more “Face Time” with each other. Comforting, confiding in, networking with, and yes hugging–in person. Making such time for each other nourishes bonds of sistahhood and strengthens us all. Ashe!

Question: What can you do to make more “Face Time” with your sistahfriends nearby?

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