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Are Our Children Seeing As Well As They Should?

In just over a month, our children will be returning to school. Many of us are already shopping for school clothes, protect our children's eyesightsupplies, and everything our kids need to have a good start to the school year.

But success in school in not just based on what we buy for them. It’s how we protect them too. One of the most valuable assets our children have is their eyesight. When was the last time your little ones had an eye exam?

August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, and it is important to invest the time it take to make sure all our children are seeing 20/20–even if it means they must wear glasses.

I started wearing glasses at age 6, and it made a world of difference in my education and future success. That why I highly recommend that you follow this link to Prevent Blindness America to learn more about children’s eye screening, and information on eye health resources in your area. Don’t delay! Your child’s future is bright–if they can see it.


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