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Do You Know Your Risks of Breast Cancer?

Pink RibbonIt’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the world is encircled in pink–the official color of this important campaign.  Every October, the whole world is flooding with pink products, garments, and even foods to show solidarity in the fight against breast cancer. There isn’t a media outlet (including this one!) that isn’t festooned in pink and featuring the latest information about this dreaded disease. Great!

While all these efforts are laudable, sometimes the marketing over-shadows the serious risk all women–especially African American women–face when it comes to breast cancer.

I often think of a solitary woman, sitting in disbelief after hearing these awful words, “You have breast cancer.” I’m not a survivor myself, but I work with sistah breast cancer survivors nearly everyday. I see their suffering. I know their pain. And I’m struggling to find a way that I can reach out–if only to just that one sistah, and make a difference in her life.

So for the entire month, WHOLE and WeSpeakLoudly will be dedicating this blog, our newsletter, and website to reaching our sistahs with important information about reducing the risk and overcoming breast cancer.

To kick things off, have a look at this message from sistah Gabrielle Union about breast cancer in our community.

Stay tuned, more coming throughout the month.


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